January 4, 2021

Design Thinking Module: 3. Define & Refine

By Evergreen

Turning insights into an actionable problem statement.

At this point, your team has already completed some primary and secondary research to better understand how your housing supply challenge statement fits within a larger system, interviewed key stakeholders, and analyzed their responses for key insights. You’ve done a lot of work to gather information, and now is the time to make sense of it all. In Module 3: Define, you will be turning everything you’ve learned into a clear problem statement that reflects local context. You started this process off with a broad challenge statement, at this stage you’re narrowing that down to a clear and precise problem statement. This will help ensure that the housing supply challenge solution that you explore will address key problems.

Other modules in this series:

0 – Introduction
1 – Understand
2 – Empathize & Analyze
4 – Ideate
5 – Refine & Pitch

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