December 23, 2020

Design Thinking Module: 1. Understand

By Evergreen

Develop a system understanding of your Housing Supply Challenge solution.

At this point, your team has a challenge statement, which describes the problem, the barriers and the impact on developing housing that is affordable. Too often we assume that our potential solution will fix the ‘problem’ without really understanding the intricacies of the system. This module will help you understand how the issues you are exploring fit into the housing system.

In this module, you and your team are developing a shared understanding of the scope and scale of your chosen challenge and gathering the evidence you need to engage key collaborators and make decisions later in the process.

Other modules in this series:

0 – Introduction
2 – Empathize & Analyze
3 – Define & Refine
4 – Ideate
5 – Refine & Pitch

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