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Together, we can accelerate change.

We connect people from across sectors to lead with a mindset focused on solutions to accelerate change.

Smart Cities

Solving challenges with data and technology

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Solutions shape communities.

A smart city is a resilient, inclusive and collaboratively-built city that uses technology and data to better the quality of life for all residents. Learn more and with other community leaders to advance your smart city solutions.

Community Solutions Network

Evergreen, with lead technical partner Open North and other partners, provides valuable information, learning opportunities and advisory services in key areas of data and technology for municipal and community leaders.


Creating innovative housing solutions

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Building a healthy housing ecosystem

A showcase of innovative housing practices, technologies, programs, policies and strategies that advance housing supply and affordability. Learn more on how to get the knowledge needed, build your network and scale your initiatives.

[Place+Space] Powering Our Housing Future

On October 26-27-28, 2022 Evergreen’s National Housing Forum brought together over 500 residents with companies and public sector innovators to engage on the latest solutions that create more resilient and affordable housing.

Learn more and watch the session recordings

My Future Home Sessions

The My Future Home virtual sessions brought together 130 newcomers, youth, and older adults from across Canada in seven separate workshops to share their vision for their ideal future home in 2040, and the actions they felt necessary to make that future happen.

Learn more and read the reports

Housing Supply Challenge Support Program

The Housing Supply Challenge, delivered by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), encourages residents, interested individuals and groups, and experts from across Canada to propose innovative solutions that help break down the barriers that limit new housing supply. The Housing Supply Challenge Support Program, Led by Evergreen, supports applicants of the Housing Supply Challenge by providing guidance, mentorship and the resources needed to develop and improve their submission.


Working together to shape and create public spaces

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What makes a great place?

A great place is where people want to gather – where there is a sense of belonging and connection to others. Placemaking brings together diverse people to plan, design, manage and program shared-use spaces. Learn how we can all become placemakers.

A National Civic Commons Strategy

We’re at a critical moment of shaping how cities will function post-pandemic. We’re building a shared vision on the potential for Canada’s Civic Commons to be at the heart of our country’s recovery and resilience in the post COVID-era.

What is Placekeeping?

A form of engagement that prioritizes ecological, historical and cultural relationships to and the care of ‘place’; and unsettles shared public spaces to bring the presence of Indigenous histories and futures into focus.

  • Civic Commons Lab

The Civic Commons Lab is an initiative focused on profiling civic commons and the value they create with and for residents and prototyping new tools that help to strengthen civic commons so they may continue to create community cohesion. This project demonstrates how civic commons, particularly smaller, place-based community hubs, continue to be important anchors in our communities. Learn more about the Civic Commons Lab.

  • Civic-Indigenous Placekeeping and Partnership Building Toolkit

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The history and future of cities in Canada are interwoven with Indigenous peoples and their lands, rights, systems, identities and futures. In this era of truth and reconciliation and reimagining cities of the future in ways that are more inclusive, interconnected, humane and connected to the natural systems that sustain them – it is time for municipalities and civic leaders to honour their commitments to urban Indigenous peoples. This includes investing in and supporting the restoration of urban Indigenous land rights and food sovereignty; and co-creating civic spaces that reflect the stories, contributions and self-determined aspirations of Indigenous peoples. Learn more about the toolkit.