November 14, 2022

My Future Home: Newcomers Session Reports

Three adults working together in a community garden

By Evergreen

What do newcomers to Canada envision as their housing future? The My Future Home Newcomers Reports provide an overview of the future housing insights and aspirations shared by newcomers in the My Future Home sessions.

Two My Future Home Newcomers sessions were held in 2022:  

  • Regional Newcomers – attended by newcomers in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton Area, and Niagara Region 
  • National Newcomers – attended by newcomers across Canada 

Newcomers in these two sessions were asked to share their personal aspirational futures for housing in Canada in the year 2040, and what they think the private sector, public sector, community sector and individuals need to do to get us there.  

Common themes emerged, with many session participants conveying that they want a future with affordable home ownership, support for health & physical safety, access to services & nature, community belonging and environmentally sustainable homes. These non-negotiables sparked vibrant conversations on how to achieve a just housing future in Canada.  

Download our reports here: 

My Future Home Regional Newcomers Summary Report 

My Future Home National Newcomers Summary Report

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