July 12, 2022

Unlocking Our Urban Futures: A Practical Toolkit for Infrastructure Planning

Calgary downtown bridge

By Evergreen

Explore a new approach to long-term infrastructure and real estate planning using future-oriented tools

It is estimated that 11 to 22 trillion dollars will be invested in infrastructure and real estate over the next 50 years in Canada. Recognizing the scale of required investment, many governments are now taking steps to understand and address infrastructure needs in more long-term and comprehensive ways. 

In this toolkit 

Drawing from strategic foresight, design thinking and systemic design tools, Unlocking Our Urban Futures developed regional scenarios used for action planning for three regions in Canada. The purpose of this was to spark longer-term thinking to ensure infrastructure and real estate investment decisions are informed by an understanding of the future of our cities, not simply current-day assumptions. This model can be replicated and scaled to additional regions.  

The following resources are complimentary pieces to Unlocking Our Urban Futures: A Practical Toolkit for Infrastructure Planning. 

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