November 15, 2019

The Future Fix Podcast: Fast internet for rural communities

Spacing and Evergreen

Rural communities are finding unique solutions to bridging the connectivity gap and getting everyone online.

Evergreen and Spacing released the third episode of the new podcast series, The Future Fix: Solutions for Communities Across Canada. The Future Fix explores how data and tech are transforming communities across Canada. Each episode delves into an idea or innovation that seeks to address a community challenge, from disaster mitigation to broadband access to public transportation in the suburbs.

In this episode, we uncover how, although access to reliable internet has become an essential service, necessary for local businesses, education, and even healthcare, there’s a connectivity gap which has left over half of rural communities without this level of service. Mayor Larry Oakden paints us a picture of Hamiota, Manitoba, and the co-operative solution the surrounding municipalities there came up with to bring everyone online. And Gary Wilson, Indigenous engagement and outreach lead for Connected Communities B.C. talks about consulting with Coastal First Nations communities in British Columbia to find modern broadband solutions that compliment their way of life.

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