January 7, 2021

Partnering for success: a teamwork approach to breaking down housing supply barriers

By Evergreen

There is no one true formula to create a team capable of developing and advancing a successful housing solution.

As part of the Housing Supply Challenge, Evergreen and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recently hosted a Networking and Collaboration workshop to give potential applicants the opportunity to meet other industry experts and sector partners to create a comprehensive proposal for the Data Driven Round.

The event brought together more than 50 participants from the housing, business, data and engineering sectors, all interested in having a positive impact on the housing supply market. Potential applicants discussed challenges and shared solutions – and through the process discovered some key connections to help bring their ideas to life.

Here are six ways to approach partnership building:

Speak with fellow data analysts

When it comes to data-driven solutions, sharing insights with fellow data experts may lead to new insights and help frame your data to tell a story. Collaborating with data experts helps expand and clarify applicants’ data sets. Whether you are working to break down barriers to housing supply or solving other data-related issues, a second opinion can often surface results and opportunities you may not have considered before.

Connect with diverse partners

In a team every member holds a piece of the puzzle, and all are essential in creating a fully integrated housing solution. A sound data-driven methodology must include a solid understanding of the housing ecosystem, proper channels to collect and share information, and an efficient framework for scaling and implementation. For impactful solutions to take shape, it is critical to work with partners across sectors and disciplines whose expertise can complement yours. Ask yourself which piece of the puzzle you are missing, and connect with unexpected partners to expand your team’s collective skillset.

Look for problem solvers

Have you ever been presented with a solution to a problem you did not know you had? Problem solvers can bridge gaps within your project. Insatiably curious at heart, they see opportunities for enhancement where others might not. Their creative mind and systems approach allow them to streamline just about any process, saving your team precious time and resources as you conceive and package your housing supply solution.

Engage the Jack-of-all-trades

In a team of highly specialized experts, a jack-of-all-trades can be a valuable asset. Not only do they thrive in ever-changing environments, their adaptability allows them to learn and act quickly. This type of team member can bring technical skills such as data collection and analysis, and the ability to use different software to soft skills such as leadership, collaboration and project management. Jacks-of-all-trades have dabbled in it all and can be a driving force on a project team.

Join forces with advocates

Partnerships can enable advocacy. Solving complex community issues around housing, such as the access to adequate housing for seniors, minorities and persons of diverse abilities, is no small endeavour. A key to success could come from collaborating with a network of advocates who share the same policy goal. The right partner can give a voice to your project, help you gather public support for your innovative housing supply solution, and get it in front of decision makers in the housing ecosystem.

Seek a specific partner

Some participants know exactly with whom to partner, whether it is a government or nonprofit organization, a municipality, a statistics collection agency or something else entirely. Many participants came to the Networking and Collaboration event with a specific partner in mind and were successful in making that connection. We can only hope that these partnerships are fruitful!

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