February 18, 2021

Nationwide response to Round One of the Housing Supply Challenge

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By Evergreen

123 teams from across Canada propose solutions to tackle housing supply challenges.

Launched in October 2020, the Housing Supply Challenge, led by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), asked residents and experts across Canada to come up with bold and innovative solutions to change the face of housing in our communities. The first Challenge Round – Data Driven – invited applicants to submit data solutions or methodologies that provide decision-makers with better information to make housing supply decisions.

And ideas, questions and solutions came rolling in.

Since the launch, the Housing Supply Challenge Support Program, run by Evergreen, has supported hundreds of potential applicants through events, resources and outreach activities to develop and improve their submission for the Challenge. The application deadline has now closed and the response has been inspiring.

Stage One applicants at a glance

  • 123 teams from nine provinces and one territory submitted applications with wide ranging innovative approaches to tackling housing supply challenges – that’s more than 753 individuals advancing housing solutions
  • Applications were submitted by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions, Indigenous organizations, and government bodies
  • Proposed housing supply solutions seek to address the housing needs of low-income households, young adults, newcomers (including refugees), and seniors
  • 321 potential applicants participated in three online events hosted by the Support Program to learn about the Data Driven Rounddata specific considerations related to their application, and tips on finding the right partners to advance housing solutions
  • Since September, Evergreen has engaged with 871 potential applicants from across the country via phone calls and emails to answer questions and guide them through the application process
  • Applicants accessed dozens of resources to develop their solutions, including a series of Design Thinking Modules 

Stay tuned for the announcement from CMHC on the up to 25 shortlisted applicants who will each be awarded $100,000 in funding to prototype their housing solution during Stage Two of the Data Driven Round.

Visit the Housing Supply Challenge Support Program to learn more about housing solutions and future Rounds scheduled to launch in 2021.

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