December 1, 2021

Key Resources for The Housing Supply Challenge: Data Driven Round

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The first Round of the Housing Supply Challenge invited applicants to propose data solutions for informed decision making.

The first Round of the Housing Supply Challenge — Data Driven — methodologies that provide decision-makers with better information to make housing supply decisions.​​​​​ Application for the Data Driven Round of the Housing Supply Challenge are now closed.

The following resources were available to potential applicants of the Data Driven Round:

Housing Supply Challenge First Round Launch

On October 23, 2020, the Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development; CMHC President & CEO Evan Siddall and CMHC VP of Innovation Steffan Jones officially launched the first Round of the Housing Supply Challenge. With $25M in funding up for grabs, the Data Driven Round seeks out data solutions that help improve decision-making on housing supply. Find out how you can participate to bring forward and implement innovative solutions that address the barriers to housing supply.

Housing Supply Challenge Support Program Outline

Housing data is often outdated, inconsistent and not openly available. This presentation provides potential applicants with details about the timeline and application process for the Data Driven Round of the Housing Supply Challenge, and outlines support services offered through the Support Program, led by Evergreen.

Access the outline here. 

Design Thinking Modules

These modules will take users through the design-thinking process to refine their housing supply challenge problem statement and test assumptions to strengthen the impact of proposed solutions. Each Module includes resources, tools and examples.

Access the modules here. 

Housing Glossary

Housing is one of the most multi-faceted and challenging topics to tackle. What does it mean when we talk about housing supply? What is a housing continuum?

As part of the Housing Supply Challenge Support Program, we have prepared a glossary of definitions to help you better navigate the housing ecosystem and advance your housing solutions.

Access the glossary here. 

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