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Urban Agriculture at Evergreen Brick Works

Take part in the joy of being outdoors in greenspace and growing good food through the urban agriculture program at Evergreen Brick Works.

Urban Agriculture at Evergreen Brick Works Toronto, Ontario. Isaac Crosby lead in urban agriculture demonstrating gardening practices to a group of people. Image: Aphria Inc.
Image: Aphria Inc.

Urban agriculture takes two forms on campus, the greenspaces sprinkled across the site and our dynamic urban growing operation— part of a closed-loop food system. You can experience these sustainable ideas and use them as inspiration in your own community and home.

Plant Positivity Gardens

Working in partnership with Aphria’s Plant Positivity platform, we have created six new gardens at Evergreen Brick Works.  Each of the gardens focus on a different element of native plants’ power to heal, renew, connect, thrive, restore, and develop both individuals and society at large.

The Plant Positivity and Evergreen partnership aims to educate Canadians on how plants can be incorporated into their daily lives and enable greater access to the power plants can provide to improve overall well-being.

Learn more at #plantpositivity

Food Gardens

These gardens showcase innovative food-growing techniques that can be copied and applied anywhere. They include trellising, plant training, balcony gardens, permaculture, companion planting and more. Our different garden themes involve everything from organic and heirloom vegetables, fruits, grains and culinary herbs to edible native plants and flowers. A dedicated group of volunteers assists in planning, developing and maintaining these gardens throughout the season.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse features raised-bed food gardening, various organic agricultural techniques and window farms to showcase a “full circle” approach to seasonal food-growing in urban areas.

Grow Tubes

This indoor vertical farming system shows how you can grow nutrient-rich food with very little effort. Designed for a cold climate, the system supports the quick growth of sprouts and micro-greens in dark spaces using less than 70 watts of electricity—equivalent to one incandescent light bulb.

Worm Wranglers

This dedicated group of compost-minded volunteers share their expertise in at-home composting, the benefits of waste management and the importance of healthy soil to all visitors at Evergreen Brick Works. Composting is an important element of our “zero-waste” policy and essential for garden health.

Cooking Classrooms

Two cooking classrooms, one indoor and one outdoor, provide the perfect settings for school groups, families and workshop participants to prepare and enjoy food harvested on-site.

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