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The Guild Garden at Evergreen Brick Works

Part of a Growing a Better Future sustainability parternship with Foresters Financial

A garden with a maze pattern

The Children’s Garden at the Evergreen Brick Works is designed to provide children and families of all ages a space to explore, experience and play with nature, while encountering native plants and taking part in stewardship opportunities. 

At the center of the Garden is the Guild Garden, a grouping of plants that work together to ensure the health of the area, chosen to maximize biodiversity and yield.

In 2020, Foresters Financial approached Evergreen with the Growing a Better Future program, a vision for a new garden on-site that would provide access to nutritious food, support pollinating insects and other wildlife, and foster a regenerative ecosystem. 

In partnership with Foresters, Evergreen created a bold new design for the Guild Garden, expanding its existing maze-like path and introducing a centuries-old hollow white oak log for children to pass through. 

An existing cherry tree was chosen for the center of the garden, while over 25 species of plants were also selected, including other fruit trees, berries, vegetables and herbs, creating a rich and diverse garden for children to explore.  

The chosen plants support beneficial insects and deter pests, protect and enrich the soil, and represent a diverse range of edible perennials, to aid in climate change adaptability.  

Foresters staff built the garden from the ground up during a three-month series of activations. The team took part in landscaping the new garden beds, soil building and tree planting.

The redesign of the garden represents a step in Foresters long-term Growing a Better Future sustainability vision, which is actively focused on climate change and sustainability; health and wellness; and inclusion and diversity. Foresters is exploring opportunities to empower people to grow healthy food at home, enrich communities with perennial food forests and community gardens, and engage people in climate change stewardship. 

We thank Foresters Financial for their vision and commitment to Growing a Better Future with Evergreen.  

Special thanks also goes to our friends at Just be Woodsy and Fiddlehead Nurseries, who provided the white oak log and the garden plants, respectively.