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Public Art

Art is city building. Public art enlivens our cities and creates better public spaces to gather, connect and reflect.

A woman sitting and viewing Image: Cam Collyer
Image: Cam Collyer

Art plays a vital role in creating conversations and when it is done in public spaces, it can help to help cities feel more inclusive, safer and more vibrant.

Public art can have an incredible impact on the health of our cities, fulfilling a multitude of needs in its community - from the elderly to the young, and all ages in between.

Investing in public spaces and public art is investing in the health of our city and those who live in it.

Evergreen is committed to helping invest in public art. Through our work with the Don River Valley Park Art Program and public art at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, we are continually working to help urban spaces become great places for all. 

Public Art at Evergreen Brick Works

Since its redevelopment, public art has been integral to Evergreen Brick Works as a hub for culture, learning and collaboration. Showcasing ideas through art enables visitors to learn, share and influence ideas that help build cities of the future.

The works on display at Evergreen Brick Works and throughout the site are by local and international artists.


Ferruccio Sardella

Ferruccio is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores interdependencies in systems, networks and circumstances.  

As artist-in-residence for Evergreen Brick Works during its initial development, Ferruccio performed in a variety of roles — from a producer of site-specific artworks and exhibits to architectural design team member and interpretive planner.

Read more about Ferruccio Sardella and his work. 

Learn more about public art at Evergreen Brick Works. You can also see a list of our Permanent Installations and Current & Upcoming Exhibits.

Don River Valley Park Art Program

A series of temporary public artworks along the Lower Don Trail create a new hub for art in Toronto.

Local, national and international artists created projects that speak to the many histories and present-day realities of the ravine and its surrounding communities - looking at the land from ecological, cultural, industrial and Indigenous perspectives.

See current installations.

Featured Artists

Duane Linklater headshot.

Duane Linklater

Duane Linklater is Omaskêko Cree from Moose Cree First Nation. Working in performance, installation, film and other media, Duane Linklater addresses issues of cultural loss and recovery as well as authenticity, appropriation and authorship.

Duane Linklater's sculptural installation Monsters for Beauty, Permanence and Individuality opened in the Don River Valley Park fall 2017.

Read more about Duane Linklater and his work.

Will Kwan headshot.

Will Kwan

Will Kwan is a Toronto-based artist whose work examines diverse cultural practices as impacted or resurrected in the flows of historical and contemporary economic relations.

Will Kwan's art piece A Park for All will be visible in the Don River Valley Park beginning fall 2018. 

Read more about Will Kwan and his work.

Virginia Overton

Virginia Overton was born in Tennessee and currently lives and works in New York. Virginia Overton's art installation Built will be visible in the Don River Valley Park from fall 2018 to fall 2019. 

Read more about Virginia Overton and her work.