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Public Art

Art is city building. Public art enlivens our cities and creates better public spaces to gather, connect and reflect.

A woman sitting and viewing Image: Cam Collyer
Top image caption: Ferruccio Sardella, Watershed Consciousness, Evergreen Brick Works. Photo: Cam Collyer ‐ Image: Cam Collyer

Art plays a vital role in creating conversations and when it is done in public spaces, it can help to help cities feel more inclusive, safer and more vibrant.

Public art can have an incredible impact on the health of our cities, fulfilling a multitude of needs in its community - from the elderly to the young, and all ages in between.

Investing in public spaces and public art is investing in the health of our city and those who live in it.

Public Art at Evergreen

Since its redevelopment, public art has been integral to Evergreen Brick Works as a hub for culture, learning and collaboration. Showcasing ideas through art enables visitors to learn, share and influence ideas that help build cities of the future.

The works on display at Evergreen Brick Works and throughout the site are by local and international artists.

Explore our upcoming, current and past public art projects today.