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City Builders Gallery

A unique art and exhibit space found within the historic drying kilns of the kiln building at Evergreen Brick Works. 

People walking down the hallway towards the entrance to the City Builders Gallery. Image: Bill Wilson
Image: Bill Wilson

Located in the heart of the redeveloped kiln building is the City Builders Gallery, a new art and exhibit space nestled inside one of the historic drying kilns. Through the design of the revived heritage building, we explore possibilities in developing sustainable cities, while ensuring the historic features and artifacts are preserved for future generations.

One small section of the drying kilns was meticulously altered to make way for the City Builders Gallery. The space itself serves as an example of what can be accomplished when leaders come together to build a strong and prosperous city. This space, unveiled in May 2018 to mark the end of Phase 1 of construction, will host exhibitions exploring the past, present and future of cities beginning in fall 2018.

For the unveiling, guests had a sneak peek of Urban Imaginaries by Toronto artist Ferruccio Sardella with Nathan Whitford of Urban Visuals. Urban Imaginaries was a month-long art installation that explored the possibilities and potential of the City Builders Gallery.

The installation invited us to pause and reflect on a defining moment in the history of our city. It was simultaneously a site-specific celebration of its immediate context, and an exploration of future prospects. It was designed to engage the senses and offer an opportunity to grapple with the flow of ideas, questions, narratives and conditions it creates.

Urban Imaginaries is the foundation for the November 2018 installation, which will be a three-month creative reinterpretation of city building stories in celebration of our donors, with some components on display long-term. Find out more about art & exhibits at Evergreen Brick Works. 

The construction process began in March 2017 and the space will remain closed to the public until spring 2019. While some public events will be scheduled during this construction period, the public is invited to discover the City Builders Gallery through Evergreen’s tour program.