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Nature & Outdoor Spaces

Since 1991, Evergreen has been focused on revitalizing outdoor spaces into green, sustainable places for everyone. Beginning with a national tree planting strategy, we’ve developed a unique approach in connecting people, natural and built worlds.

In 2010, we furthered our work in placemaking by transforming the once neglected Evergreen Brick Works into a thriving demonstration space for knowledge-exchange and placemaking.

Evergreen Brick Works is now a hub for learning and showcasing sustainable practices that also includes much of the green space surrounding the site. Beyond the site boundaries, Evergreen has been managing programming and public art in the Don River Valley Park, a 200-hectare park spanning Pottery Road to Corktown Common.

With surprises around every corner, this space is something different for everyone.

Find out more about The Plant Positivity Gardens in and around Evergreen Brick Works.