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Saturday Farmers Market | Start Online & Shop Outside

Toronto's largest farmers' market, offering the widest variety of local and seasonal food in the city. In a new and safe way.

Close up of root vegetables at evergreen brick works

As Evergreen continues the safe gradual reopening of Evergreen Brick Works, the modified outdoor Saturday Farmers Market is now operating to bring local and in-season food to your dinner plate, in a new and safe way.

The goal of the Saturday Farmers Market remains the same - to work with our community and help people make healthier food choices. Same day purchases are welcome, but we strongly encourage online ordering so the experience is quicker for you and our farmers.

We are adopting a range of measures to ensure that we can make access to local food a safe end enjoyable experience. In doing so, we hope to demonstrate how resilient local food systems can continue to play an integral role in the food models of cities. Read our market guidelines so you’re ready for market day.

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About the Saturday Farmers Market

Evergreen started its Saturday Farmers Market in 2007 with 25 local farmers and producers, a great location and a great response from the community. Since then, Evergreen Brick Works' Saturday Farmers Market has grown to become the largest farmers’ market in Toronto. Running year-round, we offer the widest variety of local and seasonal food in the city.

Healthier Food Choices

Our goal is simple: To work with our community and help people make healthier food choices. In doing this we will create a food system that is ecologically and economically sustainable. This means:

  • Providing access to local and seasonal food
  • Educating about the health benefits of seasonal eating and sharing the tools for success
  • Supporting the local food economy in Ontario, including farmers, producers, wineries, breweries and chefs

Eating Seasonally

Food simply tastes better when it is in season. It also means that you are buying food that has travelled a shorter distance to get to your table. For more information on what food is in season, visit Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide or speak to your local farmer at the market!