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Evergreen Brick Works was transformed from a collection of deteriorating heritage buildings into a globally recognized showcase for green design and urban sustainability. Its flagship event spaces are housed in the Centre for Green Cities, a LEED Platinum certified building.

Our events team encourages and supports event organizers to make environmentally sound choices in the planning and execution of events onsite. We will happily consult with you on what you can do to create an event that is both memorable and sustainable.

When not being used for events, Evergreen Brick Works welcomes visitors of all ages to participate in myriad activities, workshops and community festivals. It offers a full suite of programs that cover subjects including ecology, play, food, design, urban planning, technology and the arts. Evergreen Brick Works is owned and operated as a social enterprise by Evergreen, a national not-for-profit that has designed and delivered programs which help Canadians live, work and play sustainably since 1991.

All proceeds from event space rentals go to support Evergreen’s efforts to create greener, more sustainable cities.


Evergreen supports sustainable food communities, which includes food producers and artisans that produce products that support our local farmlands, naturally raise farm animals, the non-use of genetically modified materials. Evergreen expects food vendors to source products that are socially conscious, economically fair and environmentally responsible.

All food and beverage requirements for catering will be managed by an Evergreen Event Manager and will adhere to the Evergreen Food and Beverage Policies.

Transportation & Parking

Evergreen encourages all guests of the site to consider public transit as well as alternative means of transportation to the site.

  • Guests may consider using our shuttle service to get to and from the site. Large-scale events may necessitate the use of additional shuttle buses to bring guests to and from the nearest subway stations.
  • Guests can also arrive onsite by choosing to walk or bike through the Belt Line trails system which is connected to the site.
  • We encourage the use of carpooling and shared taxis.
  • We also encourage the use of hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles, as well as multi-occupancy vehicles through preferred parking spaces, preferred fees or other incentives.

Evergreen Brick Works has pay-per-use parking spots for up to 300+ vehicles but please keep in mind that other users may reduce the number of parking spots available for your event.

Wedding Program

The Evergreen Wedding Program is a way for couples to mark their commitment to each other and to the environment.

When you choose to participate in the Evergreen Wedding Program, you are supporting urban sustainability by connecting people with nature and inspiring your guests to follow you along a greener path.

For more information please contact us at

In-house Florals

The Evergreen Garden Market offers herb centerpieces as a sustainable in-house alternative. All centerpieces are custom arranged. The herbs are certified organically grown, locally and sustainably produced by Sosnicki Organics.

For more information contact the Operations Manager, Aaron Harpell,


We encourage invitations, event communications and other marketing application to be processed electronically. This would also include online registration.