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Children & Youth

Children's Garden Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen offers unique children’s programming at Evergreen Brick Works geared towards exploring and discovering the greener side of Toronto.

When we engage children in new environments, we provide opportunities for their future success. Through hands-on play in natural environments we help children embrace confidence and empathy, constructive problem-solving and skill development, which will help them to create flourishing cities of the future.

At Evergreen, we create our children and youth programs based on the following principles:

  • Place-based – building a foundation of knowledge through a focus on local nature, culture and community.
  • Ecological – providing children direct contact with nature.
  • Hands-on – creating a setting for compelling learning through multi-sensory, direct experiences.
  • Active and mobile – moving the body to engage the mind.
  • Arts-infused – breathing life into learning through creativity, compelling narratives and arts activities.
  • Integrated – weaving together knowledge and skill through ecological themes and engaging experiences.

Our children’s programming enables future city builders to engage with sustainable practices that give them the skills and abilities they need to improve cities of the future. By prototyping new outdoor learning and play ideas in the Children’s Garden at Evergreen Brick Works, we are also impacting the way that schools and playgrounds are built across Canada.

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