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Art & Exhibits

People at an art show in the Kiln Building at Evergreen Brick Works.
Art changes the way you look at and engage with space. The role of art on this site is to bring voice to the spirit of a place that holds sustainability as a core value.
Ferruccio Sardella, artist-in-residence, Evergreen Brick Works

For as long as Evergreen has been an organization, art has been integrated into our work and this site. We firmly believe art has a powerful, intrinsic ability to create conversation, bridge sectors, generations and cultures, and to help create flourishing cities where we live, work and play.

Showcasing ideas through interpretation, art and exhibits enable visitors to learn about, share and influence ideas that help build cities of the future. By making art accessible, we are curating spaces that allow all people to interact and ideate about creating flourishing cities.[LR1]

A close-up of

Take a tour of our permanent exhibits and begin to understand the complexity of Toronto’s ravine system and the role it plays in shaping our city through Feruccio Sardella’s Watershed Consciousness, 2010, (above) or interact with the Green Design Exhibit and learn about adaptive reuse and the challenges we faced creating the site you see today.

Though the public art and exhibits at Evergreen Brick Works take many forms, all will challenge visitors to think critically, engage differently, and learn more about how we can shape the future of our cities.

Explore this section to learn more about our permanent pieces, what's currently on display and what’s upcoming.